The SGAWCm 2021

Promoted by Sobratafe, the SGAWCm 2021 - Sobratafe Global Advanced Wound Care Meeting 2021, will be held between the 20th and 25th of October 2021. Focused on “Updates and novelties in advanced wound care”, the SGAWCm 2021 is a world congress, totally in virtual environment, with speakers from all continents – Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and Oceania.

The congress will be divided into discussion tables for each participating continent. These, in turn, will be chaired by renowned specialists who will bring the latest updates and news on advanced wound care from their respective continents.


The contents presented will bring the view of the doctor, the nurse and the patient and will cover several areas of medicine.

Side Events

Side Events

In parallel, on October 25th, we will have the First Sobratafe Dentistry Journey, which will address Traumas, Implantology, Oral Maxillary Surgery and Biomaterials, and the First Veterinary Sobratafe Journey, which will focus on advanced treatment of wounds in small, medium animals. and large.

Among them, we will also highlight wild species, based on the action SOS Sobratafe Pantanal, which supported HOVET - UFMT Veterinary Hospital, the treatment of burned animals during the Pantanal 2020 fires.


Audience profile

  • Dermatology
  • Endocrinology
  • General surgery
  • Geriatrics
  • Hyperbaric Medicine
  • Infectology
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Odontology
  • Oncology
  • Orthopedy and Traumatology
  • Physiatry and Rehabilitation
  • Plastic surgery
  • Residents and Students
  • Vascular surgery
  • Veterinary Medicine
Translated Content

Translated Content

In a 100% virtual space, SGAWCm 2021 will present more than 100 pre-recorded lectures and subtitles in English, Portuguese and Spanish, and the live discussions will be in English, with trilingual moderators, in addition to having more time for debate and participation. public, with polls and sweepstakes.

100% utilization

The entire content of the event will be available until November 30, 2021.

That is, a month for you to watch all the presentations whenever, wherever and however you want.


In addition…

In compliance with the Social and Cultural areas of Sobratafe, another innovation is the Video gallery with socio-cultural initiatives from various countries, with the aim of providing greater engagement, dissemination, and, if possible, greater support for these activities.

Message from the Organizing Committee

Dra. Debora

“With the SGAWCm 2021, we definitely put Brazil in the global scenario of advanced wound care. From now on, everything that is innovative and current will be accessible to all health professionals from each continent, online and totally multidisciplinary.

We lost a lot with the pandemic, but it taught us to overcome difficulties and improve ourselves. Today, we discover that there are no barriers to knowledge and that the tools to transmit everything in know-how is at our disposal. Definitely, today we can say that the future exists and is in the palm of our hand. Welcome to this new journey that Sobratafe puts at your disposal.”

Dra. Debora Cristina Sanches Pinto
president of Sobratafe e general presidente of SGAWCm 2021

Organizing committee

David Gomez

Dr. David Gomez

Mario Warde

Dr. Mario Warde

Presidents of Modules

North America
Elof Eriksson

Elof Eriksson(USA)

Paul Glat

Paul Glat(USA)

Latin America
Alberto Bolgiani

Alberto Bolgiani(Argentina)

Bruno Balmelli

Bruno Balmelli(Paraguay)

Jose Luis Piñeros

Jose Luis Piñeros(Chile)

Lourdes Del Carmen R. Rodriguez

Lourdes Del Carmen R. Rodriguez(Mexico)

Linda Guerrero

Linda Guerrero(Colombia)

Maria Cristina Serra

Maria Cristina Serra(Brazil)

Priscilla Alcocer

Priscilla Alcocer(Ecuador)

Ricardo Roa

Ricardo Roa(Chile)

Santiago Laborde

Santiago Laborde(Argentina)

Walter Navarro

Walter Navarro(Peru)

Claudio Ligresti

Claudio Ligresti(Italy)

Enrique Monclus

Enrique Monclus(Spain)

Katia Furtado

Katia Furtado(Portugal)

Paulo Alves

Paulo Alves(Portugal)

Harikrishna K R Nair

Harikrishna K R Nair(Malaysia)

Caetano Prata

Caetano Prata(Angola)

Juliana Lucinda dos Santos

Juliana Lucinda dos Santos(Brazil/Angola)

Marisa Herson

Marisa Herson(Australia)


Sobratafe Dentistry
Marta Gonzales Riesco

Marta Gonzales Riesco(Brazil)


Veterinary Sobratafe
Thais Oliveira Morgado

Thais Oliveira Morgado(Brazil)

Caetano Prata (Angola)

Juliana Lucinda dos Santos (Brazil/Angola)

Harikrishna K R Nair (Malaysia)

Claudio Ligresti (Italy)

Enrique Monclus (Spain)

Katia Furtado (Portugal)

Paulo Alves (Portugal)

Alberto Bolgiani (Argentina)

Bruno Balmelli (Paraguay)

Jose Luis Piñeros (Chile)

Lourdes Del Carmen R. Rodriguez (Mexico)

Linda Guerrero (Colombia)

Maria Cristina Serra (Brazil)

Priscilla Alcocer (Ecuador)

Ricardo Roa (Chile)

Santiago Laborde (Argentina)

Walter Navarro (Peru)

Elof Eriksson (USA)

Paul Glat (USA)

Marisa Herson (AUS)

Marta Gonzales Riesco (Brazil)

Thais Oliveira Morgado (Brazil)